Testosterone cypionate side effects

When men sometimes lose the capability to physically produce testosterone inside their bodies, they can take a medication called Testosterone Cypionate. Without enough testosterone, a man’s body will not function correctly. He will develop with problems in his bones, muscles, and genitalia. Since natural testosterone is what makes boys develop into men, without enough of it, a boy may not develop properly sexually.

Side effects of Testosterone cypionate

Doctors do sometimes prescribe testosterone to adolescent males to help them come into puberty as well as to some women as a treatment for breast cancer. It is available under the brand names Tesamone and Delatestryl.

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warnings about side effects and the risk of stroke or heart attack associated with testosterone use. Some of the lesser side effects include headaches, nausea, vomiting, loss of hair, and dramatic changes in sexual interest. If any redness or pain occurs at the testosterone injection site that worsens or remains for more than a day, be sure to contact your pharmacist or physician right away.

Doctors may prescribe testosterone to benefit you in specific ways that he or she deems are worth the risks with side effects. Most people have no problems with side effects from taking this medication when used with normal dose sizes. Be sure to consult with your doctor if you have any serious side effects. Some of the symptoms of side effects can include mood changes of depression and anxiety, sleep problems, anger issues, and liver disease.

Testosterone cypionate is used carefully with children, because the drug reduces bone growth. Your doctor should monitor your child’s bone growth. Some side effects may also be experienced more by older adults. Geriatric patients with liver or prostate problems can sometimes cause arms and legs to swell up. This drug should also never be used by women who are pregnant as it could harm the fetus. Use reliable birth control while taking it. Side effects can also be modified by various drug interactions. Do not attempt to use testosterone without monitoring by your doctor.

Be sure to ask about limitations around some types of medical tests that interact with testosterone. This is true for thyroid tests, sometimes causing false results. This is why you must inform any medical workers if you are using testosterone. It is also important that you inform your pharmacist or doctor about your medical history before taking testosterone.